Steffi (blaj_enst):”The photos themselves tell a lot about the person behind the lens”

Highly creative and with a keen, sensitive eye, Steffi cannot go unnoticed. She captures images with the same ease she captures her readers. Her photos and words will make you discover for yourselves why she is so special.

Steffi, talk to us about this photo. (header photo)

I took this picture spontaneously, while waiting to check in at the airport. The young lady was very stylish and had intriguing reactions, so naturally she attracted my attention. There was also something mysterious about her, which I think managed to reflect in the photo.

Like this image, many of your shots/posts have an air of mystery about them, something fluent. What defined your photographic style?

I always aim to capture the uniqueness of a moment, that in itself is not only interesting but also mysterious. Sometimes this is further strengthened with the final edit. I don’t really have a particular theme that I photograph, but all my pictures carry a certain element of my style. I try to capture the moment and the detail.

Are you a professional photographer? If not, what attracted you to photography? How did it start?

I am a hobby photographer, but this interest really took off when my daughter showed me Instagram. In the beginning it was about experimenting with taking photos, that I later tried to perfect and improve in the edits. I have also gotten lots of help from Instagram friends in the form of advice and suggestions, and I am still learning.

What does your Instagram feed tell about you? Your images project a sentimental person, is it true?

The photos themselves tell a lot about the person behind the lens. Some moments and details of course reveal the identity of the photographer. So yes, in a way sometimes I feel sentimental and that is reflected in my pictures. I am glad when that is felt in the photo, but even more when the picture manages to invoke similar associations in the viewer that I myself have experienced. That’s what I see as a success.

Why do you often choose BW over color?

Black and white photography encourages a deeper look at the details, contrasts and the dramatic luminance. The magic lies in the subtle interweaving of emotions, lights and shadows. There is something alluring in that, which cannot be achieved with colour photography I think.

You often edit your shots, blurring parts of the image. What is behind this process?

For the edits I mostly use Snapseed and PicsArt, but regardless of which app I am using, the most important thing is that the picture does not lose its authenticity.

What inspires you in your photographic journey?

Sometimes even ordinary scenes can invoke extraordinary emotions and feelings in me. It makes me happy when I am able to share these with others and receive positive comments.

Finally, tell me about your favorite photographer.

I admire the work of many photographers, both famous and not so famous. But I have to mention Steve McCurry for his incredible ability to not only capture the moment, but to engage and involve us in it, to make us feel. That is a true talent!

The interview with Steffi was given on 14.07.2016