Claudia (@cburtonsiller): “It is part of my personality to play around with my photography as part of expressing myself”

Claudia (@cburtonsiller) is a photographer and a mom and she has combined these two beautifully. As she declares, her instagram profile is all about (her) mom life. Below are her thoughts as given to Krystallena Stylianou.

Claudia, tell me about this photograph? The moment? What was it that inspired you to pick up the camera? (photo below)

We were at the parking lot at the Mall, and when I saw the light I encourage my niece to dance and twirl for me… I just couldn’t let the moment go by…

You photograph everyday moments -as your bio also describes- and mainly your children. Tell us about this process. How did you decide to make your Instagram feed about that?

Honestly, I didn’t plan for this to become my “theme”. Time goes by so fast with kids that I simply wanted to capture my moments with them and suddenly I realized that people responded to it and they really like it.

Claudia, you are Mexican, as I understand. Your photographs are very realistic but at the same time, they have an element of fantasy, which is characteristic of a lot of the Mexican culture, literature, and art. Is it something intentional or an unconscious influence from your background?

It is part of my personality to play around with my photography as part of expressing myself and the moment I spent with my family.

Do you set up your photographs or are they candid moments -of your children mostly? Is the bright light source -found in many of your images- a factor to take the shot?

I think it’s just a combination of both, some days I wake up with funny ideas and inspiration and some others I simply capture the moment. But definitely think that natural light has become an important part of my photographic style.

Are you concerned with exposing your children so much on social media?

Not really. My parenting style is to be very close to them.. I worry more about exposure of the world outside than the social media.

Is photography your profession or a hobby? When did you start photographing?

It’s a hobby. Actually I’m a chef, but I really would love to do professional photography.

How long have you been on Instagram? Tell me about your Instagram experience.

It’s gonna be 4 years in October since I started using Instagram. I started with a daily photo challenge, #ProjectLife365 and I loved it! It helped me to be creative and think outside the box. Then I started to be a #JJ editor for @jjcommunity and @Josh_Johnson and now I’m just a MoD for @MY365 another daily photo challenge and share my everyday moments.

How do you edit your posts for Instagram? How do you achieve this effect – which is consistent on your posts?

I use VSCO, and I try to use almost the same filter for my pics. I love the look of a gallery with the same tones and I TRY to do the same with mine…

Claudia’s instagram profile

The interview was given on 10/06/2016